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Here are some questions that subscribers frequently ask. If you have a question that you think may be useful to have on this list, please send an email to

  • Does work with all browsers?

    To take full advantage of's features, it is best to use the latest version of either a Netscape or Microsoft browser. is compatible with the more recent versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer. Some older browsers will still work with, but may have problems related to uploading image files and selecting object colors. The compatibility chart below will help you determine if your browser will be able to take full advantage of all of's web site building tools.

    Fully Compatible Browsers Browsers that have Problems with Colour
    Selection and/or Image File Upload
    NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR: 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 4.6
    NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR: 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 4.7

  • Can I customize my form?
    Yes. First of all you can de-select the number of fields you would like to have in your form by clicking on the checkmarks. All checkmarked fields will show up in your form. You can further customize your form by changing the individual fields. For example, the third field "Position" could be changed to "Title".

  • Why does my site have borders around everything?
    While you are building your site, borders (guides) appear around inserted objects. This is to help you "space plan" your page especially when it comes to aligning objects or putting multiple objects in the same table. However, when you save your site or preview it, these guides will disappear. If you still have borders around objects on your "live" site it is because you have selected this option when inserting objects. If you do not want them to appear, edit the object by clicking on its yellow triangle and in "Position" select Border > none.

  • My site looks okay on my PC but my friend who has a Macintosh sees little "broken image" symbols?
    You have probably uploaded a Windows BMP file which will work on browsers running on PCs but not Macs. That is because the Macintosh operating system does not automatically recognize this file format and the browser displays the missing image symbol. To ensure your images can be viewed on all platforms save your images as jpg or gif formats.

  • Why can I sometimes not see my changes after I press the "Save and Make Live" button?
    After you click on the "Save" button in the function toolbar, you then click on the "Save and Make Live" button in the frame to the right.

    To see your updated page it is sometimes necessary to do a "Super-Reload". To Super-Reload with Netscape, hold down the SHIFT-key while clicking the Reload button with the mouse. With Microsoft, use the CTRL-key instead.

  • When will my website be registered with search engines, and which ones? offers to send information about your site to two search engines when you choose to do so from your website administration page:

    Fist of all, you must register your site by clicking on "Submit My Site to AltaVista" and "Submit My Site to Infoseek" links at the bottom of your administration screen. Then, depending on the search engine, it usually takes between 2-4 weeks to complete the registration. If, after 4 weeks, your site is not listed with one of those search engines, we suggest you re-register your site.

    You can also try submitting your site to other search engines of your choice by looking on their home pages for a link called "Add URL" or something similar.

  • Can I use to make changes to a site that I have hosted with another ISP?
    No. In order to have a site that you can make changes to at, you need to have created your site at

    However, it is possible to paste any HTML from any site into an page.

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