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Corporate and Partnership Services incorporated provides corporate and partnership services that allow businesses and organisations to offer's web site creation tools to their customers, subscribers, members, and employees in either Internet, Intranet or Extranet environments. These services typically involve Co-branding or Licensing arrangements.


A co-branded solution from allows your customers, subscribers, or members, to create and publish their own web sites directly from your site. This allows you to leverage all of the benefits of providing this service without having to pay for its development and maintenance.

The co-branding arrangement which you can enter into with will vary depending on the type and location of advertising that you want to appear on your co-branded site.

Co-Branding with itsmysite will help your company develop an online relationship with your customers, build online brand awareness and value, and provide an additional avenue for advertising and promotion.

On-line Relationship Building

In the United States and Canada, the rate of Internet usage uptake is beginning to slow. This means that when launching new e-commerce initiatives a steady influx of new users can no longer be relied upon, and marketing strategies must aim to retain existing customers while targeting the customers of competitors. Marketers must focus efforts on customer relationship management and customer retention schemes.

By allowing your users to add their own content to your site, not only do you provide a better service, but also take the first steps in building a meaningful online relationship with your customers. Users will come to your site more often, they will be more active while they are there, and they are more likely to remain active (less attrition). This builds one-on-one online relationships with your best customers that help to inspire trust and confidence in your online brand. The result is a loyal customer who will confidently consider and execute an online purchase.

Build Online Brand Awareness and Value.

Users that are excited about their Web sites will spread the word to family and friends and promote their URLs, which will contain your brand. By inviting others to view their pages, your users will be endorsing your brand thereby building brand awareness. By offering the itsmysite service from your site you are also increasing the power, functionality, and value of your site and therefore building brand value.

Advertising and Promotion.

Users that build and edit their Web sites, will do so in a branded environment that will include randomised or rotating banner advertising that can also be targeted to different groups of users.

Licensing's web site creation tools and technology can be licensed for use in Internet, Extranet, and Intranet applications. Incorporating MySiteBuilder into a corporate Intranet is an excellent way to allow employees and/or company departments to easily create and publish customised Intranet content.

If you would like to discuss a licensing arrangement with please contact


Provide your customers, members, or employees with's web site building tools- directly from your own Internet or Intranet site.