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Links and E-mail


E-mail links can be created anywhere on a page. When users click on an e-mail link, their browser's email window will automatically open and it will be pre-configured with the recipient you specify.

To insert an e-mail address:

  1. Click the Insert Tool.
  2. Click the E-mail tab.
  3. Enter the recipient's e-mail address.
  4. Choose a font size and type.
  5. Click OK.

ADVANCED TIP: To create an email link using display type, clip art, or an image, insert into the external link box when editing or adding an item.

E-mail Forms

Forms allow users to email you information which is formatted according to your specifications. Users enter their information into labeled fields. Each form can have a maximum of fourteen fields. You can specify the name of each field.

To insert a form:

  1. Click the Insert Tool.
  2. Click the Form tab.
  3. For each field that you would like to use, enter a field name and check the check box.
  4. Enter the email address to which you would like the form information e-mailed.
  5. Select the page which you would like to have displayed after the form is submitted. This can be the standard default Thank You page, a Thank You page which you create, or any page on the Internet.
  6. Select a font, font size, and the alignment of the form.
  7. Click OK.

Linking to other Pages

You can create internal links from one page of your site to another page of your site. You can also create external links to any web page on the Internet.

To insert a link:

  1. Edit or insert an object.
  2. To create an internal link: from the internal link pop up menu, choose the page you would like to link to.
  3. To create an external link: in the space provided enter the full web site address of the page you would like to link to.

Link Color

You can define the color of text that serves as either an internal or external link. Unvisited and visited links can each be a different color.

To change link colors:

  1. Click the Page Options icon at the top of the page.
  2. Select a colour from the Color Picker or from your Personal Color Palette.
  3. Apply the color to either the unvisited or visited link color circle.

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