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  • Thank you for making this "home in cyberspace" available! Cheers!

  • It's easy and fast. Don't need any web site building experience. Can have a business card site up in a few hours and can edit it daily if need be.

  • It is the most fantastic web site builder I have seen yet to date for a person like myself that is not all that technical. Other programs I've seen are either too technical or too simple and not able to do anything worth putting on the net. I thank you for this opportunity.

  • Just a short note to let you know how much I have enjoyed using "". You and your staff provide hours of enjoyment to, I'm sure, thousands of people like me, who now realise that developing and publishing a web site is not filled with mystery and insurmountable challenge (at least not now, because of you). On behalf of your many "clients", please express my appreciation to your staff for a job well done. It's great to be Canadian!

  • I like the ability to create and update and revise a web site just as you would like it.

  • I like the fact that uploading graphics is such a simple procedure, and the nice, clean appearance of the editor (and result).

  • I like the ease of designing without need of html knowledge.

  • Since starting, I've had a ball, and learned more than when I tried to learn Microsoft FrontPage. Thank you for making itsmysite available. Keep up the great work! I hope you get lots of advertisers!

  • Definitely the ease and speed to build the site. I can't stop playing with it, it's just too much fun!

  • I've tried other services like Netscape, Geocities, Homestead, Fortunecity, ECbuilder - Yes ALL of them. None of them seem Mac friendly and or are laborious to operate.

  • It's quick, and easy. I've tried other Internet page builders but uploading images was impossible and that's why I love this service, I built almost an entire page in two hours.

  • I love this site I read about it in the Hamilton Spectator and 6 hours later I had a great site for my band, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!

  • [I] was excited to make something...will keep reading and improving, I am sure..but for now think it looks great and I am happy, thanks so much for opportunity...

  • This is my first experience with this type of technology and I am being guided by my two Daughters who are in the graphics industry. However it seems to be doing the job very well, and I am enjoying the experience. This is my first computer and I have only been using it for six months!

  • It was very easy! I was done in 20 minutes. This is a great way to publish web pages... no software needed... no technical know how either!
  • This is the best site I have found, so far, that gives me a good looking site with the least amount of hassle!

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