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About MySiteBuilder

MySiteBuilder is server based software that does not require installation or downloading of any additional client software or plug-ins. All of MySiteBuilder's functionality can be accessed by simply using an Internet browser such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer.

With MySiteBuilder, anyone can easily insert, delete, edit, and completely control the placement of objects on a web page. Objects can be display type, text, images, clip art, forms, tables, and more.

No programming skills are required to use MySiteBuilder. The interface is completely point-and-click. No previewing is necessary, and no uploading of HTML files is required. New web pages, or changes to existing web pages are instantly made live on the Internet.


MySiteBuilder has many features that make web site building fast and easy.

  1. Simple Point and Click Interface. MySiteBuilder uses a unique, easy, and extremely fast user interface that is entirely point-and-click.
  2. No Downloading Required. With MySiteBuilder, subscribers can immediately begin creating or editing a site. With other on-line builders, users must wait up to four or five minutes for a Java applet to download to their computers.
  3. Memorable and Relevant URLs. domain is friendly and easy to remember. An additional 26 domain names (such as itsmypet, itsmycar, etc.) appeal to specific audiences such as vacationers, hobbiests, enthusiasts, parents, sellers of houses, cars, or trucks, and more.
  4. Custom Domain Names. Register your own .com, .net, .org, or any top level country domain and continue using MySiteBuilder to create and maintain your web site.
  5. It's Fast. It only takes about eight clicks or about one minute to create a simple live web page. The results of adding, changing, or deleting objects from a page are instantly seen.
  6. Cut, Copy and Paste Multiple Objects. Easily copy and paste multiple objects within or between pages. Great for navigation bars, creating templates, moving multiple objects and more.
  7. No Previewing Required. When creating or editing a web site, subscribers see instant results. This is unlike template based web page creators that require users to fill out forms before seeing results.
  8. Building Blocks. Choose from a collection of pre-built blocks of objects such as text in multiple columns, pictures beside text, navigation bars, and more to come.
  9. Upload Images. Subscribers can upload images that they have scanned, taken with their digital camera, or found elsewhere on the Internet. These images can be easily placed on their web site.
  10. Display Type Rendered in Real Time. Subscribers can create customised display titles in a wide range of font styles, sizes, and colours using proprietary type rendering technology.
  11. Easy-to-use Colour Selection Tool. Subscribers can select from a full range of RGB colours using an innovative colour picker. As well, a personal colour palette automatically keeps track of all the colours that are used in a subscriber's site.
  12. Password Protection. Subscribers can password protect the pages they create. Passwords can be organised into users and groups to accommodate different levels of access for multiple users and multiple pages.
  13. Background Tiles. Choose from a list of predefined background tiles, or easily upload a custom tile.
  14. Linked Multiple Pages. Create web sites with limited or unlimited number of pages and size. Or, easily link to as many external web sites as desired.
  15. Scrolling Text. Add scrolling text message along the bottom of a page window.
  16. Forms. Easy to insert and customize e-mail forms with responses going directly to the user's e-mail address.
  17. Custom HTML. Advanced users can include custom HTML on their pages if they wish.

Browser Compatibility

To take full advantage of's features, it is best to use the latest version of either a Netscape or Microsoft browser. is compatible with the more recent versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer. Some older browsers will still work with, but may have problems related to uploading image files and selecting object colours. MySiteBuilder is fully compatible with the following browsers:

Fully Compatible Browsers Browsers that have Problems with Colour
Selection and/or Image File Upload
NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR: 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 4.6
NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR: 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 4.7

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Our members find MySiteBuilder faster and easier to use than other web site creation tools. See what they have to say:
"Of all the web-building sites I've found I still like yours the best."
"It's quick, and easy. I've tried other Internet page builders but uploading images was impossible and that's why I love this service, I built almost an entire page in two hours."
"I've tried other services like Netscape, Geocities, Homestead, Fortunecity, ECbuilder - Yes ALL of them. None of them seem Mac friendly and or are laborious to operate."
"Since starting, I've had a ball, and learned more than when I tried to learn Microsoft FrontPage. Thank you for making itsmysite available. Keep up the great work! I hope you get lots of advertisers!"
"It is the most fantastic web site builder I have seen yet to date for a person like myself that is not all that technical. Other programs I've seen are either too technical or too simple and not able to do anything worth putting on the net. I thank you for this opportunity.
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