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Save Options

Click on the Save Options button  to view save options.

When developing and editing your site you may not want your changes to immediately appear on the live version of your web site. For example, you may want to make some changes today and others tomorrow, but you may not want anyone to see your changes until all of the them have been made. MySiteBuilder allows you to do this by providing you with two save options:

Save My Work: This will save any changes you have just made, but will not update your live web site. When you return to edit your web site, your changes will be preserved. Use this option frequently while working on your site to ensure that you do not loose any of your changes due to a computer failure, power outage, etc.

Save and Make Live: This will save any changes you have just made, and will update your live web site. Use this option when you are ready to have all of your changes appear on your live web site.

Quit and Do NOT Save: This will allow you to exit MySiteBuilder without saving any of your changes in any way. When you click on "Quit and Do NOT Save" you will lose any changes you have made since your last save.

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