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You can insert images on any page of your web site. Before an image can be inserted, it must be uploaded to your Image Library.

There is no limit to the number of images you can put on your site or store in your library. However, each image cannot exceed 500K. Also, remember that the size of your entire site cannot exceed 12 mb.

Image Library: Use your Image Library to store images for use on your web site. You can easily add and delete images from your library.

How to add images to your Image Library:
  1. Click on the Image Library icon .
  2. Click on the Browse button, and select an image from your computer. The name of your image will appear in the box beside the browse button.
  3. Click the Upload button. The image will be uploaded to your Image Library.
Images inside your Image Library will be automatically renamed and numbered. Click on the image name to see a thumbnail of each image in your Image Library.

How to delete images from your Image Library:

Click on the small trash can icon beside the image name. This will permanently delete the image from your image library. It will NOT affect any images or files on your own computer.
Inserting Images: Images can be inserted on any page. Before inserting an image onto your page, you must upload it to your Image Library (see above).

How to insert images on a web page:
  1. Click the Insert Tool .
  2. Click the Image tab.
  3. Click the small button beside the image you wish to insert. To view the image, click the image name.
  4. Enter text into the box provided if you would like the image to have a caption. The caption can appear above or below the image.
  5. Select a size for your image. (Please read Images Guidelines for Web Publishing for details on optimizing image sizes for web publishing).
  6. If required, you may add a border to your image.
  7. If you would like the image to be a button or link, select the page of your site, or an external web page, that you would like to link to.

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