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Custom HTML

Warning! This is for advanced users only.

You can insert your own custom HTML anywhere on your page. A page can consist entirely of custom HTML or it can combine HTML with other objects such as Display Type, Forms, Titles, Web Counters, etc.

HMTL objects can be positioned on the page just like any other object. By default, your HTML will be placed in a new table with no border and with width set to 100%. However, your HTML can also be placed:

a previous object.

Do not insert custom HTML in your page unless you have at least a basic understanding of how HTML works. Since your HTML will be placed between an header and footer, please do not use <HTML>, <TITLE>, <BODY>, META redirects or similar tags. Errors in your HTML code, especially relating to table tags, may affect other parts of your page and cause unexpected results. Please note that can not provide subscribers with HTML technical support.

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