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Clip Art

You can choose from a wide variety of clip art to use in your web site.

To insert clip art:
  1. Click the Insert Tool .
  2. Click the Clip Art tab.
  3. A scrolling list will show all available clip art items. From the list, choose an item. A preview of the item will be displayed below the scrolling list.
  4. If you wish to attach a caption to the clip art, enter a caption in the caption box. The caption can appear above or below the clip art.
  5. Select the alignment for the clip art on the page.
  6. To change the size of the clip art, enter a pixel value.
  7. Select a border if you require one.
  8. If you would like the clip art to be a link, select a page from your site, or enter an Internet address that you would like to link to.
Please remember that the clip art library is for the exclusive use of subscribers. (For full details, please review the Terms and Conditions).

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