Two Ghost Town stories of the Lardeau
I really appreciate your emails, 
I wanted to share one very informative letter with you...

I just watched your video and enjoyed it. Thanks for putting it online to share.

I recognized the abandoned house near Trout Lake. You may know all this already, but it belonged to a feisty woman named Minnie Marlow. Her family came from England in the boom period of the late 1890's. She never married, and due to a heart condition she would sleep sitting in a chair and gave the animals her bed. One could often see her walking about in her rubber boots and carrying pails, followed by geese and goats and other animals.

Her brother, Al, still lives nearby. Her sister, Addie, married Avery Gunterman who's grandmother, Mattie, may have taken some of the old B&W photos in your video. She was the subject of a book entitled, "Flapjacks and Photographs." I suspect you may know all this, though.

I'm from Virginia now, but as a young man I helped build a cabin in Camborne in the late 70's. It's now being slowly absorbed into the mountains and has become just another ruin. I was just up there, and spent the evening with the Guntermans and stayed a night at the Windsor. Great memories....

Thanks again. I appreciate your efforts to preserve the history. It is beautiful country with some great people and wonderful stories.


Bristol, VA

Here's a photo of Minnie taken outside her home in 1987...
Minnie Marlow
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