The Mile High 
Ghost City.
Phoenix started out humbely enouph as a small copper mining camp in the late 1890's. The little place was called Greenwood Camp. For a short time she was just a satellite of the booming town called at the bootom of the mountain called Greenwood.
Things took off and Greenwood camp became a city by 1900 called Phoenix.

Phoenix ran wide open.
A thirsty, hungry miner could get what ever he wanted at any time of the day. Oh yes the houses with the red curtains did a smashing business as well. You could go and watch an exiciting Hockey game at the indoor rink where the ringers from the mines could put on a show. These mines recruited good players from across Canada. Once even challenging for the Stanley Cup!
With the City's rich copper mines and their equally big payrolls. The pool halls and Hotels could cater to the rich mining engineers, stock promoters, gamblers, and Mine owners.
At almost a mile high in elevation she was Canada's highest City.
The world needed copper for electrification and telephone lines. Phoenix was all to happy to supply!
Two rail railways competed for the rich copper ores and smelter towns nearby counted on these ores. These smelter towns became Cities in thier own right. Cities like Grandforks, Greenwood and although not a city Boundary Falls had a large smelter blown in.
Upper town & lower town were very proud of the City. A.E. Black, one of the Towns Jeweler's even had Phoenix printed on the face of the pocket watches he sold!
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 photo DSCF5261_zpse8f2fd76.jpg
To day this Ghost City, has this graveyard and a monument to it's fallen soldiers of world war one.
This is all that is left to prove Phoenix existed.
The last act of the city counsel was to sell the hockey rink.
This is the money they used to have a Grand Forks company construct a Monument. With the small remainder of money they hired a care taker to watch over the abandoned City...
Lat: 49° 06' 05"N, Lon: 118° 35' 06"W
You can Google, Both Phoenix and Greenwood. Google Earth even knows where this Ghost Town is.
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