Port Essington
Once known by the first Nations as Spokeshute a late summer village at the mouth of the Skeena
By 1905 Port Essington was a very important wide open distribution and supply center. Stern wheelers traveled from this port up river to Hazelton, head of navigation on the Skeena. The distance covered on the river was 290 kilometers and let me tell you a trip up or down the Skeena would be something you would never forget!
When Captain John Bonser was asked, "What if you wreck the sternwheeler" he said "you just send an order for a new one in Victoria and they make one up, DOUBLE QUICK"!

Port Essington served the canneries, fishermen, fur trade, Mining and then railway construction. They hopeful this railroad would come to Port Essington. But the gradual end came when a new boom town was chosen just a little ways north.
This town was called Prince Rupert, by the Railway that gave it life,
"The Grand Trunk Pacific"
All this is gone today but still well worth taking a trip to this old GHOST TOWN...
Robert Cunningham
They called him "Diamond C"
The Owner of Canneries, Sternwheeler and land,
oh yes he owned the town of Port Essington.
Location available on Google Earth.com
Just punch in
Port Essington BC.
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This Video will show what is there today...
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The Inlander at the notorious Ring bolt island
in Kitselas Canyon
National Historic Site, Skeena.

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