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This classic little boom town was at it's peak when these pictures were taken. As the the towns name suggested, Arrowhead was not just at the head of the lake but was the supply head of the lake. The Canadian Pacific Railway came here to be loaded on barges to be again unloaded at Nakusp bound for Sandon and the Silvery Slocan.(see Sandon)
So Arrowhead's fortunes ebbed and flowed with the mines and mineral prices which collapsed at the end of World War One "1918" The town clung to life with logging but by the time the lake rose in the mid 1960's not many folks had to relocate...
I met a gentleman recently at one of my library talks and he said he had visited the old town-site just a few years ago. He was able to drive a four-wheel drive road to the old town. The main street was under water but there was still some things to see. Arrowhead's cemetery rests overlooking the town and has serviced the lake's flooding. The man told me that there is some issues about using the road to get to the town from Revelstoke as it is over private property. I'll keep you posted as more information arrives...
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If your a scuba diver, here would be a great place to find turn of the century tokens & coins...
Arrowhead can be seen on Google
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remember it's under water.
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A town just south west of Arrowhead under forty feet of upper Arrow Lake water!
Beaton flourished at the turn of the century as one of two ports landing people and supplies for the Lardeau area. This whole area boomed. Towns like Ferguson, Trout Lake City and Camborne and the many mining camps that relied on people & supplies landed at Beaton off the stern-wheelers. Today the Canadian Pacific stern-wheeler SS Bonnington rests on the bottom of Arrow lake in the bay that Beaton it's self rests. This area is still populated, a little community of mostly summer residents. As a side note the Bonnington's sister ship is the Sicamous and can be visited on the Okanagan Lake beach in Penticton BC.

More Information to come as time permits...
These Photographs are from the BC Ghost Towns Collection and date from 1948, well past the towns best years.
Burton, Deer Park, Needles and more were lost to us all under Arrow Lake.
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