Olsen's Landing
A group of families lived in the beautiful Olsen valley. These Families worked at various jobs with many selling their lush vegetables in Powell River. They would take their goods from Olsen's Landing on Powell Lake and move the goods down to Powell river by boat. The town had a school, a small shingle mill, but funny no sign of a church.
Back in 1955 the Powell River Company diverted the Theodosia River through Olsen Lake and Olsen Valley and the community went Ghost.
Logging Company, MacMillian Bloedel, with concerned for safety, moved the squatters "Hippies" out and destroyed the buildings around 1972. Not much is left of this pioneering community...

I have not visited this town but hope to in the near future.
John Mitchell
Thanks to     
John Lelliott & Dave Hurrie 
for this trip to Olsen's Landing
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